About the brand


From their products to their process and team, there is nothing mainstream, common or typical about Milaluna.

It all began around their kitchen table with a good cup of coffee - as many good ideas do.  Mother and daughter team, Cheryl and Gabriella, wanted to develop a highly quality, internationally appealing and customizable handbag with an African flavour. 

Cheryl, (a stay at home mom and once-upon-a-time international management consultant) had an itch to get involved in business.  Gabriella (an artistic, stylish and immensely creative student) wanted to do more than just study.  And so the journey began.

From the outset they were determined to create a brand that was unique, elegant, exclusive, timeless, classy and also representative of the beauty of the country they live in, South Africa.

With hours of hard work, steep learning curves, many laughs and a few tears, the Milaluna brand started to take shape.

"We were not scared to put in as many hours as necessary to achieve the high quality product we envisioned.  Nor were we scared to express ourselves.  This often meant staying up way past midnight cutting leather on our dining room table to ensure the best pieces of leather were used for our product."

Their name Milaluna implies versatility, creativity, high aspiration and of course freedom of expression. "Mila" makes one think of the stylish, fashionable city of Milan; and Luna, the moon, a rarely reached orb, with many phases, shines and illuminates the African night sky.  

"For us this is just the beginning.  We have many more exciting plans and ideas".

So please keep watching this space - you will be astonished with what else is about to come your way from Milaluna.